Bob Brown

Balancing Act

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Way Back When

Hardin, Wyoming

All's Quiet on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Approaching Weather

Hardin, Wyoming

Gallatin River Milky Way Panorama

Gallatin River, Montana

Hmmm, Is That My Cousin Over There?

Hulett, Wyoming next to Devil's Tower

Golden Barn

Cheboygan, Michigan

Best Seat in the House

Phelps Lake trail Milky Way faced towards Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Immokalee Florida Rodeo


Naples, Florida

Moonlit Madison

Who's Following Who

A Grand Teton Morning

Road to the Night Sky

US41 east of Port of the Islands, Collier County Florida / 7-shot vertical panorama

An Off-Road View

US41 east of Port of the Islands, Collier County Florida

Bryce Canyon Moonrise

Bryce Canyon, Utah

The World At 9028 Feet

Bryce Canyon, Utah This is a slightly different version of this photo. I removed the previous version. The previous version needed some additional cleaning up. Sorry, I should have done it right the first time.

Bryce Canyon Sunrise


Bryce Canyon Night 2

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Bryce Canyon In August


Highway Stars

US84 Montana

Wyoming Sunrise

Another Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Grand Teton Barns

Wyoming, 4-exposure HDR

Old Train Cars 1

Nevada City, Montana

Cold Ohio Woods

Cuyahoga County

Pre-Dawn Pier

Naples, Florida

Kids At Play

Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA


vonLiebig Art Festival, Naples, Florida

Miami Shipyards

Miami, FL 1976



Immokalee Hot Air Balloon Festival


Mill Road, Montana

Making Circles

Lincoln Rd & Pennsylvania Ave Miami Beach, FL

Night Barn US191 WB

Bozeman, MT

Night Dock

Chalk's Seaport - Miami, Florida 1979


Cheering for a friend at Naples Triathlon


Miami, FL 1980

Night People

Miami, Florida

Downtown Reflections

Downtown Miami, FL 1980

Pots and Pans

Downtown Bozeman, MT

Rock Quarry Train

This was taken in Dade County, Florida (1976). All of my pre digital camera photos (Canon F-1) were scanned by a Nikon Coolscan 5000. On the upside, the scanner provides an amazingly sharp 4k digital transfer. On the downside, the images come back a mess. The scanner picks up every piece of dust, watermarks, scratches and anything else it sees. This picture alone took hours and hours to cleanup and repair in Photoshop. I then develop it with Lightroom 4. I had to do this to every single one of my non digital camera photos. What a nightmare!

Tent City

1980 Miami's (Florida) Cuban refuge Tent City under I-95, as a result of Castro's Mariel boat lift. I took this photo looking down from the top of I-95.

Airport House

Adjacent to Miami International Airport (Year was 1980)


Dade County, Florida (Year was 1980)


Miami, Florida (Year was 1977)

W 45th Street

New York City

Uh, hello... anybody...

San Francisco, CA

Just Coffee

San Francisco, CA


San Francisco, 2012

Eye Of Beholder

Missoula, MT

Another Rainbow

Bozeman, MT


Glacier, MT


Ousel Falls, MT

Rusty Tunnel

Glacier, MT

Willow Creek

Willow Creek, MT

Did You Say Right or Left?

Beware Of Ghosts


Work'in The Streets

San Francisco, CA

Another Day

Sausalito, CA

Haunted Church

Sandy Springs, GA

Lava Lake, MT

Port Of The Islands

Collier County, Florida

Glades Birds

Collier County, Florida

North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach, Chicago, Illinois 30 degrees, wind off lake 20 mph plus Very gray afternoon


Honor Park...Dawn

33 degrees


Do I Know You?

Spanish Creek, Montana


Yellowstone National Park


Ousel Falls, Montana

Reaching Out

Squeeeeeky Clean

The Jacksonville Landings, Florida

Gunslinger Dan

Nevada City, Montana

Old Western Home 2

Nevada City, Montana

Old Western Home 1

Nevada City, Montana

Kirby Storter Everglades Milky Way

11 vertical image panorama in the Florida Everglades. The eastward yellow light pollution is from Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

The Moulton Barn 12:23 a.m.

Taken in pitch black night with howling adult and baby wolves behind me. Yikes!

The Courtyard

Golden Colorado

Denver Civic Center Fireworks

Taken on July 3, 2016. Originally had my camera was on a tripod with a Triggertrap cable release, until 8-billion people decided to stand right in front of it. Luckily, there was a huge concrete column directly on my left. I put the camera up on that above the crowd. This was 2 exposures, one strictly for the TV monitor at the lower right of the image and one for everything else. Unfortunately, there was no variety of fireworks, they all pretty much looked like this.